Ready, set, Travelmyth NFT: for free!

The future is here! If you make a booking with Travelmyth (either directly or after being redirected to one of our booking partners), you can receive a free NFT. Also, anyone who has made a booking with us can claim their NFT retroactively.

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and it's a one-of-a-kind digital item that exists on the blockchain.

Why did Travelmyth decide to issue free NFTs?

While the most popular use cases for NFTs are for art collectibles and in-game digital items, we are excited about the new possibilities that NFTs can unlock, especially by connecting them to real-world experiences.

What is the use case for Travelmyth NFTs?

Travelmyth NFTs are a digital collectible serving first as proof that you have stayed at a hotel classified in a specific Travelmyth collection. Moreover, in the future it might unlock things such as discounts, priority/exclusive access, freebies, access to raffles etc. NFTs are publicly viewable, verifiable and permissionless, not only Travelmyth but anyone can offer such perks to the owners. It's like a decentralized loyalty scheme where anyone can know that you have stayed at a hotel of a specific collection and offer you something in return.

Who is eligible to receive an NFT from Travelmyth?

Anyone who completes a stay at a hotel booked either on Travelmyth or on one of our partners by visiting their website through ours is instantly eligible to claim a free NFT. Think of it like proof of staying at a hotel that belongs to one of our 60 categories.

In case the booking was completed at one of our partners’ sites, it must have been tracked correctly from our partner and have been assigned to us. Please note that the reservation must be completed on the same browser session after clicking a link from Travelmyth to one of our partners in order to be able to verify it.

On which blockchain do Travelmyth NFTs exist?

Travelmyth NFTs are sent to your ethereum address and exist on the sidechain of Ethereum called Polygon. Choosing Polygon for the NFTs was a weighted decision that allows us to offer the NFTs for free to our visitors, as it’s possible to cover the low minting fee that Polygon needs but also ensure compatibility with the Ethereum chain.

Does it cost to claim an NFT from Travelmyth?

NFTs from Travelmyth are free to claim. The fees on Polygon to send the NFTs to your wallet are covered by us. Once the NFT is in your wallet you're free to keep it or even trade it on marketplaces such as

What does the NFT from Travelmyth look like?

The NFTs are based on the 60 different hotel categories on Travelmyth. You can only receive an NFT for a category that the hotel you booked belongs to. During the claim process you’ll be asked to choose which category you prefer. Here is an example of the NFT below:

How can I claim my NFT?

You can claim the NFT after the completion of the stay for your reservation by using the form on the following page. You will be asked to provide the details of your booking.
Claim your free NFT >

How many NFTs will I get for each booking I make?

If you booked your stay via one of our partners (Booking, Expedia, Hotels etc.) you can claim one NFT per booking. For bookings made directly on Travelmyth, we offer a bonus NFT, so you are able to claim two free NFTs per booking.

How many different NFTs can I get?

You can get one (or two if the booking was made directly on Travelmyth) free NFT(s) for each stayed booking. There is no limit on how many NFTs you can claim in total.

When will I receive my NFT?

After the checkout from your hotel you can request to claim your NFT. If you have booked a hotel directly on Travelmyth, the verification of the claim is easy. If you made your booking to one of our partners, the verification takes a little longer and it might require some days up to a few weeks to verify the claim. We mint and send the NFTs to wallets every few months.

Where can I see my NFT?

You can view your NFT on any website / app that supports the viewing of collectibles on the Polygon chain. The easiest way is to search for your address on and all your NFTs will be displayed there. Because this NFT was gifted to you, in Opensea it will be displayed at the "Hidden" tab and you will need to unhide it in order to move it to your profile page together with your other NFTs.

How to make sure I will receive an NFT for my next booking?

It's necessary that we can verify your booking was made through Travelmyth in order to be able to claim your free NFT.

This is easy if you choose to complete your booking on our site. However, if you choose to be redirected to one of our partners (i.e. Booking, Expedia) to make your reservation, your booking should be tracked as being referred from Travelmyth in order to claim your NFT.

This means your booking should be completed in the same browser session and by clicking a link on Travelmyth to one of our booking partners before completing your reservations.

Here are some examples where we will NOT be able to verify your booking:

The easiest way to be certain that we will be able to verify your booking is to visit Travelmyth, find the hotel you're interested in booking, click on one of our partners and complete the reservation right after without closing your browser or visiting any other travel site in between.

What if I don't have an ETH address?

You can use any wallet that supports the Ethereum chain to create a new ETH address for free. We suggest taking a look at the official Ethereum wallets page and choosing one of the wallets recommended there. We prefer Metamask.









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